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Five will enter, none shall leave

by Hadyn on October 29, 2012 in Beer

Beer is the new coffee in Wellington. Not really, but as generalisations go it’s a fairly good one.

What this means is endless discussions about styles, flavours and which beer is the best (all requiring a lot of sampling). So it was no surprise when an argument on twitter started over which New Zealand brewery produced the best pilsner. Was it Emerson’s wonderful honey-flavoured creation, or was it Croucher’s hoppy sweet concoction? Or was it the local entry from Tuatara, current holder of the Brewer’s Guild of NZ award for Best International Style Lager?

Well argue no more, people of the internet! Brühaus is here to solve/exacerbate the problem!

Right folks, do we have a one-off deal for you! Tomorrow [Tuesday, Oct 30] at around 6.30pm we’ll be having a little Pilsner-off featuring some of the best Pilsners this Country has produced.

5 half pints for $25 and if enough show up we may even throw in something else to make this an even better deal!

That’s right! The more people who come then the more beers are “unlocked”. It’s like a game, but a fun game with beer… but not a drinking game. I digress. The beers will be: Emerson’s Pilsner; Croucher Pilsner; Tuatara Bohemian Pilsner; Renaissance Paradox; and Funk Estate’s Oh Lordy (which is a pale ale, but we can ignore that). The mystery bonus beer will be revealed when they get enough punters.

So go and tweet them that you’re coming or leave a comment on Facebook.

Hadyn Green

Hadyn Green was New Zealand’s first rugby podcaster. Since then he has moved on to… um… podcasting about rugby AND other sport. Hadyn is easily recognisable by his hate of idiots.

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