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More Fringe Festival: The Institute of Refuge in Art

by librarykris on March 1, 2017 in Art, Festival

Black Coffee in Newtown is hosting the Institute of Refuge in Art exhibition. Each piece has been created using discarded artworks. All recreated artwork will be up for sale over the week with 50% of the proceeds going towards Vinnies Wellington social services. Have a chat with Carmel from Black Coffee if you’re interested in any of the work. There’s something for everyone with a variety of techniques and materials including digital print, collage, acrylic paints. In some the background of the original piece shows through while in others it’s almost completely obscured.

The cafe has two pinball machines, lively music, and sun streaming through the windows – it’s a good way to start the day.

Artist line-up:
– Sue Lund
– Sheyne Tuffery
– Sean Duffell
– Mica Still
– Jordan Debney
– Ellen Coup
– Pinky Fang
– Toothfish
– Pippa Keel
– Kalos Chan
– Christina Earl
– Larissa McMillan
– Squid Kelly
– Graeme Milne
– George Keyne
– Bo Moore
– Craig Malcolm Richardson
– Aaron Frater

The Institute of Refuge in Art, on at Black Coffee to 3 March 2017

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