1. The Mediterranean Warehouse in Newtown has undergone some renovations taking out the wall separating the pizzeria from the warehouse, so now there’s an extended deli counter and you dine among the shelves. The price of an individual pizza may have gradually increased $4 over the past couple’o years but now you can get a bowl of (microwaved) pasta topped freshly with Parmesan & rocquette for $6.50, and that’s a pretty good lunch. Especially if you add in some gelato too.

Gnocch gnocch. Who's there? Deliciousness.

2. If perhaps you’re looking to get your Wellington on a Plate dinner menu on, and you think you’ll give Lagerfield another try after the last abomination, but it turns out when you finally get someone to acknowledge you that they’re all booked up, and Bettys [sic] is closed, you should go to Fratelli. Admittedly, their WOP menu is $70 (it includes wine), but they also offer a Fratelli Feast on Tuesdays for $35. It’s carbaliciously fantastic. Tonight we enjoyed the choice of flatbread and olives or margarita pizza from their wood-fired oven, then light & puffy gnocchi in marsala & gorgonzola sauce topped with radicchio, fennel and rocquette (my friend had a mushroom risotto which was one of the nicest I’ve ever tried), and then the best tiramisu in town, rich in orange liqueur (or Bailey’s & praline gelato). Pair that with a bottle of Sangiovese for $43 and some lovely service, and you’ve got a bloody good evening.