Gone Fishing

We would make a joke about how these guys quit the Wellingtonista to move to Auckland (or Churton Park), only… that’s pretty much what several of them did.

Robyn Gallagher is no longer exploring and writing about her favourite bits of Wellington, but she can still be found over at her long-running blog, watching too many music videos, or generally mucking around on the internet.

Kowhai Montgomery was a born-again Wellingtonian. Back in Aotearoa she had indeed been blessed by the blood of the lamb.

Kimberley Rothwell was Wellington’s most famous 5’9″ tall, red scarf-wearing, freckle-faced, knocked-up journalist. She stuck it to the man by wearing Skechers to work, and had a picture of her cat being interviewed by Radio NZ on her desk. She also had flicky, flicky hair.

Andrew Llewellyn liked to be recognised around town as Viggo Mortenson’s stunt double. But never was. Because he wasn’t. Used to own real black and beige sheep. And felt patriotic for it.

Michael Gregg: from the mainland diaspora, settled in Welly, purveyor of online ads, bad at html, good with wine, a Googleophile & a poor photographer.

Jessie Scoullar was the black sheep of the family, residing in far-off Auckland. She got by with the bare minimum of participation but enjoyed sending encouraging behind-the-scenes emails. She appreciated good music and good food.

Emily Walker enjoyed music, gaming, genetics, biology, photography, geocaching, computers, World of Warcraft, nanotechnology, the Singularity, lesbian media, threadless.com, gossip and pop kulcha. Yes, she was a nerd. And closely related to one of the members of Wellington’s very excellent Phoenix Foundation.

A former writer of something interesting, later Che Tibby wrote pretty much anywhere anyone will let him. We thought this was either a claim to relevance or a cry for help. We’re not sure.

Mike Riversdale was a Miramar-mian/ite ever since moving from Wales to New Zealand back in the dying years of the last century. He never had time to blog everything he wanted, had never owned a house, horse or a Holden and didn’t possess a PC. He was always on the look out for cool things to distract the kids with.

Mitch Marks claimed to have lived in nearly every small town in the country during her gypsy childhood, but called Wellington home. Mitch was the editor of a new pop culture and comics-based free magazine called Choice.

Hadyn Green (posts) wrote a lot of stuff for the Wellingtonista back in the heady days of the mid-2000’s when we drank cocktails not beer and the Wellington dub-scene was a real thing. He can now be found writing for a bunch of publications including Consumer NZ and Fishhead.

librarykris is now living wild in the Wellington greenbelt. Occasionally you can hear them screaming ‘Bravo’ as kākā fly overhead.

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