Write for the Wellingtonista

Do you want to write for the Wellingtonista? We can hardly blame you, since we’re all so cool and good-looking. You should send us a guest post! We love guest posts.

What we will and won’t run

  • The Wellingtonista is a blog about Wellington. Therefore, your post should have something to do with Wellington. Porirua and the Hutt count; Kapiti and the Wairarapa don’t.
  • We have a particular take on Wellington and your post should fit in with it. If you want to sound off about all the bike-riding hippies getting in the way of your SUV, may we suggest the Dom Post letters page instead?
  • We’re generally more interested in reportage, history, reviews, or other things with a bit of meat to them than we are in pure opinion.
  • We are totally fine with photo posts.
  • If you’re thinking of something involving video, please get in touch first.
  • We’re not interested in cross-posting anything that’s been on someone else’s blog. (If we are, we’ll contact you.)
  • We love giveaways and competitions but we won’t run guest posts to promote them. We are happy to discuss Wellingtonista-organised giveaways sponsored by someone else.
  • Don’t send us ‘guest posts’ if you’re being paid to write them. Full stop.
  • We will not run a guest post just because you send it in. The final decision on whether to run a post is ours.

If what you’re thinking of doesn’t fit with these guidelines, you’re still welcome to pitch us; we might be interested, but one of the regular Wellingtonistas will write about it.

Style guidelines

  • The Wellingtonista has a voice and a style. We assume that you will have paid enough attention to it that you’ll be able to write in it.
  • We reserve the right to edit anything you submit.
  • Posts with major errors of grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation will be subjected to mean-spirited ridicule and then deleted. Also Joanna may hunt you down.

Got all that? Send your guest post to info at wellingtonista dot com and make sure ‘guest post’ is somewhere in the subject line.