We invited all candidates in Wellington electorates to contact us with their answers to fifteen crowdsourced questions. Answers are restricted to 30 words each, and we publish them exactly as we receive them. 

  1. Who are you and what do you want?
    Never ask that question! Er, I’m a geek and socialist, and want to drastically reduce capitalism’s obscene inequality and save civilisation from peak-oil/climate catastrophe. Nothing too ambitious 😉
  2. You have 30 seconds to convince someone to come to Wellington. What’s your pitch?
    “No no no, you can’t come to Wellington. It’s mine, all mine I tell you! *cackles maniacally*”
  3. Where do you stand on the issue of opening up government data? It’s essential; there must be compelling reasons for secrecy. And that includes SOEs, PPPs, etc too – “commercial sensitivity” shouldn’t apply to public services! “National security” has also been over-used.
  4. Describe your bicycle, or your favourite bus route?
    Too infrequent, too expensive, and too cramped (less legroom than standard buses). Increased funding for public transport is a top priority, especially with peak oil hanging over us.
  5. When did you last use the library, a community centre, or a council-run sports facility?
    I’d use libraries more if I didn’t hate having to give the books back! And I visit council pools pretty regularly. These kinds of community services are very important.
  6. Would you welcome a central government driven “super-city” amalgamation of local authorities?
    Not at all convinced that would be a good idea, no. STV should be used for all local body elections nationwide, though, and health boards split into more manageable wards.
  7. What city inspires your vision for Wellington? How?
    New Crobuzon – we need more cactus people. More seriously, Wellington should be a world leader, not looking for other cities to follow.
  8. Is the concept of democratic representation important to you? How so?
    Very important; we should keep MMP, and introduce preferential voting for both party and electorate votes. People should be able to vote for their genuine preferences without tactical concerns.
  9. What achievement for Wellington are you most proud of?
    Our top-quality science fiction conventions.
  10. What role do you think central government should play in local
    roading/public transport issues?

    Require local production wherever possible (buying trains from overseas and firing local workers is madness); increase public transport funding – roading currently gets far too big a share.
  11. How can we make Wellington more environmentally friendly?
    Enhance public transport; facilitate and subsidise microgeneration and energy efficiency (including compulsory insulation for all rental properties); manufacturer/importer-funded recycling and waste disposal. Long term, a bullet train link…
  12. What will you do to ensure diverse representation on government

    Keeping and improving MMP, which is far more representative than FPP or any of the alternatives; investigate options for facilitating submissions to select committees etc and stopping abuse of urgency.
  13. What’s your personal history of living in Wellington?
    Born here, love the city, and have no plans to leave.
  14. What policy of your party do you think will have the most impact on Wellington?
    Phasing out GST – cheaper goods and services for consumers, less bureaucracy for businesses. Or the $17 minimum wage. Or maybe cutting MPs’ salaries 😉 Too many to choose from!
  15. Do you genuinely believe you have a chance at winning the seat you’re
    contesting, or is this more of a party campaign?

    *LOL* Well, I’d have a slightly better chance if we had preferential voting, and/or everyone based their vote entirely on this questionnaire 8)