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Webstock 2016: Wednesday Warmup with the Wellingtonista

by Joanna on January 20, 2016 in Events, Food & Drink, Internet/Web

It’s that special time again! For the sixth year not quite in a row, we’d like to invite you to come and have a drink with us before the Webstock conference.

You know the deal with this by now – it’s not an official Webstock event but they like us, and it IS an official Wellingtonista event.

This is an excellent time to catch up with the people you only see once a year or so, talk tech, flirt, find new friends to sit with during the conference, put faces to Twitter handles and just generally have a good time. Even if you’re not going to Webstock, you’re very welcome, but be warned, you may feel very jealous.

This year we’ll be doing it at our favourite new bar Hanging Ditch.

We suggest you might like to use the #WWWWW tag on Twitter – Webstock Wednesday Warmup with Wellingtonista.

What: Drinks with good people
When: From 5.30pm, Wednesday February 10
Where: Hanging Ditch, 14 Leeds Street (if you’re looking at the Goldings balconey facing towards Ghuznee Street, it’s up those couple of steps to your left)
Why: Because it’s nice to catch up with friends and meet new ones
Who: You!

Joanna McLeod

Joanna McLeod has started calling herself the Empress of the Internet because she can. As well as wrangling the other site contributors and Getting Shit Done, she likes to eat, drink and write in equal amounts. Yes, she would love to be invited along to your event in order to do those things. Joanna's also the best person to talk to if you're interested in advertising on the site.

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