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Sacha Lees

by Martha Craig on October 26, 2017 in Uncategorised

Wellington artist Sacha Lees began her career working on The Lord of the Rings trilogy as an illustrator, airbrush artist and creature designer. These days Lees, originally from the West Coast, is a leading artist. She developed her painting technique in Florence and now specialises in the “fantastic” genre – a movement specialising in mythical creatures and folklore. Her solo exhibition that begins next week showcases her perfectly rendered dystopian canvases that are strangely uplifting for even the most cynical soul. Be sure to own a Lees before the Weta gang buy them all up.
October 26 to November 25
Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art
20 Brandon St

Martha Craig

Martha Craig lives in the Hutt, ok? It's ok. She spends her days in her shop Wanda Harland mooching about and gossiping.

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