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Hadyn Green

Hadyn Green was New Zealand’s first rugby podcaster. Since then he has moved on to… um… podcasting about rugby AND other sport. Hadyn is easily recognisable by his hate of idiots.

A Mayoral Debate Over Beer

by Hadyn September 18, 2013

Tonight at Hashigo Zake (the best bar in the Southern Hemisphere according to all of Wellington’s Mayoral candidates will be present for a debate on all of the hot topics that concern you, the voters! “After the recent turmoil over Wellington’s Local Alcohol Policy, we think it’s fitting that the tables are turned and a central […]

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Winter Ales and the Celebration Thereof

by Hadyn July 16, 2013

It’s become a new tradition in Wellington: a mid-winter beer festival that bridges the gap before Beervana. This year the festival (once known as Matariki) is being held in Victoria Uni’s Hunter Lounge. The festival has moved to The Hunter Lounge at Victoria University to cater for increasing demand. Tickets have sold out well in advance […]

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Songs for [Jarrod Baker’s] Infant Daughter

by Hadyn May 9, 2013

As mentioned previously, Jarrod Baker’s Songs for My Infant Daughter, promises to “make laughs come out of your face-hole”. As the possessor of no fewer than three face holes (sorry, I didn’t mean to brag) I decided to see if this was in fact the case. Coming off the back of the hilarious Worst Songs of […]

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Cerveja é boa

by Hadyn April 29, 2013

The educated palates of Craft Beer College professors Steph and Jonny, will be hosting a tasting of New Zealand craft beers at Newtown’s Brazilian bar, Bebemos, this Saturday. The tasting will take participant through some of the best beers New Zealand breweries have to offer.  They will learn about the history of the beer style, and […]

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Red Hill

by Hadyn February 19, 2013

As often happens on a Friday night out drinking, we suddenly found ourselves hungry and in need of a BYO venue. We had been happily taken care of at Crumpet (something that seems oddly un-reviewed on the Wellingtonista) and had purchased wine from the surprisingly well-stocked bottle store on Dixon. But Cinta was closed and […]

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Five will enter, none shall leave

by Hadyn October 29, 2012

Beer is the new coffee in Wellington. Not really, but as generalisations go it’s a fairly good one. What this means is endless discussions about styles, flavours and which beer is the best (all requiring a lot of sampling). So it was no surprise when an argument on twitter started over which New Zealand brewery […]

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by Hadyn October 26, 2012

When I saw the menu for the new Japanese eatery on Kent Terrace, Origami , I was excited. Okonomikyaki! Okyakodon! Ramen! Let me break your heart early and tell you that those exclamation points were a tad premature. While the menu didn’t have my favourite ramen style, tonkotsu (not to be confused with tonkatsu), it did have […]

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Beer pong is a course requirement

by Hadyn July 10, 2012

It can take an educated palate these day to make your way around beer in these parts. The proliferation of craft beer bars means that at some point you’re probably going to be taken to one and then asked: What do you want to drink? At this point it will pay to know your ales […]

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It’s the goddamn Roller Derby!

by Hadyn May 18, 2012

This Saturday. Brutal Pageant! Smash Malice! And a whole heap of screaming fans! Be there! Or be that person who says “I’ve always wanted to go to Roller Derby, what’s it like?” Nobody likes that person. Don’t be them! Saturday 19 May TSB Arena Doors open at 6 Tickets from here or on the door (there is no […]

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The Fright before Xmas – RCRD Derby Double Header

by Hadyn November 29, 2011

It’s back! After months in exile while we had that big rugby party, Roller Derby is back on the menu. On Saturday (just a few days before New Zealand’s world cup team begins its campaign in Toronto) all of the action will be right here in the capital as Wellington’s awesome Richter City Roller Derby […]

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