a real whale tail, maybe.Terrible headline pun lifted directly from the Hutt News, which this week reveals more about the man behind the fake whale tail that is currently flipping and flapping amonsts the waves in Wellington Harbour.

Turns out Phillip Waddington, a noted local potrait artist, created the fake tail (made of bamboo, inner tubes and black PVC) to protest Japan’s bid to increase their annual kill-for-food quota. He just didn’t bother telling people about it until now. Very subtle protesting. Phillip positioned the tail in the harbour last Monday night with a little help from friends, after which the ‘windsurfer in distress’ story came out in the Dominion Post a day or so later. As Philip says…

He obviously didn’t put the binoculars on it.

Indeed. The current plan is to move the tail a bit closer to shore, so as to make it more visible to people walking along the shoreline. Discussions with the harbourmaster have established that it’s not going to be a maritime hazard, so it’ll probably remain until wear-and-tear do their bit and it all falls apart.

What a great thing to have created. Phillip Waddington, we salute you!