First Wii Fatality

by noizyboy on December 22, 2006

Some nice viral internet action is going on over at Webweaver, with the ‘First Wii Fatality‘ video she was involved with making, getting close to 70,000 views at time of writing…

Here’s some background…

Last week Ross spent a few hours making a couple of paper Wiimotes, with all the features printed on the paper, which he cut and shaped to match the real thing. He packed the three-dimensional shapes with tissue paper to give them a bit of strength so they wouldn’t collapse when held, and put a coin in the end of the one he was going to use, to weight it. He attached the other one to the back of Brian’s shaven head, and decorated Brian’s skull with tomato sauce (which sadly didn’t end up in shot because it was on the wrong side!).

and read the rest of the story here.

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