Fancy a little accident spotting while you enjoy a nice pizza? Word on the street is that the best seat in town is at Scopa.

Michael Gregg comments:

Someone will be injured on the Ghuznee/Cuba Corner soon. Spend ten minutes in Scopa and watch the intersection to see for yourself.

Pedestrians crossing Ghuznee Street are struggling with the new two-way traffic flowing through Ghuznee. There is no reminder to look both ways and regulars are falling back into old habits, glancing and running. Even worse, the new traffic lights bring traffic out of Cuba at the same time as the pedestrian signals engage, meaning the intersection brings impatient drivers and bustling, rushing walkers together. As the weather deteriorates, I’m worried that someone might get hit.

The solution:

  1. Remove the chains and allow pedestrians to cross diagonally and on both sides of Cuba Street halting all vehicle traffic for this period. This will quickly clear the backlog of walkers by allowing more room to cross, plus take them off the street when the cars get their right of way.
  2. Install clear signage at eye height and on the curb.
  3. Mark the Ghuznee east intersection clearly with a no-left turn arrow.
  4. Mark the Cuba intersection with left and right lanes to direct turning traffic.
  5. Put two way arrows on the Ghuznee roadway (like we do for tourists on SH1) for both entry/exits into this intersection

How are you enjoying the two way traffic on Ghuznee?

I love it, but then my favourite memories are of cars going the wrong way down Molesworth St. Such a blissful spectator sport.