Short Ends:

by Joanna on August 23, 2007

  • I got too hungover from the Occidental’s terrible host responsibility (handing out free drink tickets for mugs and jugs that needed to be drunk that night) busy to post about this last week, but Team Quizingtonista won the Wellingtonista Quiz League. Woo ha! Points must also go to ClickSuite for being the only other team to show up every week. Although I suppose Jeffrey from Xero had other things on his mind.

  • Modern Love in the Left Bank is closing down cos Helen’s moving to Melbourne. Get your ass in there ASAP to get discounts of 50-70% off everything.

  • What two things can you find on pretty much every corner of Wellington? Wishbone outlets and government employees getting their lunch there, of course. So why do must Wishbone use a #5 plastic container for most of their foods when govt3* recycling stations will only accept #1-3 plastic? Apparently you can take your empty #5s to Commonsense Organics and they’ll recycle them for you, but that seems like an awfully large commitment to make.

    *govt3 is a scheme whereby government employees have their rubbish bins taken away and replaced with a cube the size of a coffee mug, so they’re forced to sort their rubbish into compost, recyclables and landfill waste. It’s a great idea but it’s very very annoying how hard it seems to be for slightly older generations to adapt to it. If it gets put in place in your workplace, stay out of the kitchen for a couple of months or get earplugs because OH MY GOD how hard can it possibly be and is it really worth the hours and hours of complaining and not understanding what to put where? No!

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