Hi. I’m new. I’ve been recently invited to write for this fabulous website, so here’s hoping I don’t make a complete dick of myself in my first post.

Introducing yourself to hundreds, possibly thousands of readers is a tough one to pull off. Even though I’m a writer by trade – a features journo for the Dominion Post – I figure who needs actual sentences when summing yourself up is best done by a list:

Things I like:
– Craft
– French food
– Red things.

Things I may post about in the future:
– Why bus drivers have PMT at the moment
– The chronic shortage of decent maternity wear in this city
– Suburban cat politics
– Best hairstyles for windy weather
– Why living in a cul-de-sac is the coolest thing since red shiny shorts in the 1970s.

I usually have a home at Special K where I make lists, talk about my cat, ponder my gradually expanding body, and wax lyrical about the people I meet through my awesome job. Hopefully, what I write on here will be much, much more interesting.

Look forward to meeting y’all. K