Best Cities on FacebookUsually website related pissing contests (Hot Or Not; Rate My, [er…] Kitteh etc etc ad infinitum) are inherently dull.

But maybe not so dull if you are former Wellingtonian, now Munchener mad-genius developer Ben Nolan.

His Best Cities Facebook application did, for a tiny golden moment, have Wellington in the top spot. Which means of course that this pissing contest is now of interest to us, too!

Unfortunately, Facebook being the kind of random, viral place that it is, the app has been seized upon by at least two distinct regional groups each competing within each other parochially for the title of best city.

The upshot of all this is that towns like Slavonski Brod, a no doubt quite lovely town with a rather pulchritudinous population but not much larger than Invercargill, is the world’s fifth best city, with Wellington relegated to 15th.

This is clearly not good enough. Get to it. peeps!