So, 2007 has pretty much kicked some ass, and sucked some ass, but let’s concentrate on the goodness.

In 2007, the Wellingtonista:

  • Gained eight new members (Anna, Che, Dan, Kimberley, Kowhai, MG, Mitch, Stephen and Sue)
  • Got four new dayjobs (Me, Llew, MG, Noizy)
  • Grew one baby (Kimberley)
  • Opened one shop (Martha)
  • Launched one magazine (Mitch)
  • Got Russell Brown drunk a couple of times
  • Hugged Blam Blam Blam
  • Made a total of at least six appearences in the Dom Post, not counting Kimberley’s stories
  • Got on the bad side of Rex Nicholls and John McGrath
  • Had a 1100% increase in voting for our awards.

Yay for us! What are your predictions for 2008?