Just in case you’ve managed to avoid the saturation coverage across the news media for the last week or so, today marks the 40th anniversary of the Wahine disaster.

We won’t add to the plethora of stories (well, we are with this story I suppose, but, well, err…) we mostly just wanted to make note of one article in the NZ Herald, entitled…

Wahine ticket revives terrifying memories (+photos, audio)

Ahhh, yes. It’ll be the ticket reviving those terrifying memories. Not the barrage of photos, audio or video.

Anyway, cynicism aside, it was a tragic event in Wellington’s history, and we’ll be taking a quiet moment today to remember the victims, and to salute the many brave people who risked their own lives to head to the beaches (and, in some cases, out into the storm-lashed waters), to help rescue the hundreds of passengers and crew of the ship who had been thrown into the sea from the foundering ship.