Looks like our invertebrate colleague has been doing what flies do best: spreading dirt. But the fine weather has made us cheerful, so we thought it was time to spread some sunshine about some of the things we love.

The Chef’s Café, 251 Cuba St. Not exactly high-class decor, but at $12.90 all-inclusive for better-than-average curry, rice & naan, we’re not complaining. Plus, it’s BYO.

Sprinklers saved St Peter’s: might they save you next?

Stable, at 47 Willis St, seems like the most interesting of the Chews Lane retail offerings. More than the usual Huffer/Diesel streetwear (though there’s that too): Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Sylvester menswear and Cheap Monday.

Dymocks’ Tuesday Temptation deals (20% off and changes each week).

Sweet Fanny Anne’s. The delightful Claire has a totally winning smile and attitude, and if you buy a coffee, you get to draw a card. If you get an ace, you get the coffee for free. If you draw the Joker, you get to tell a joke, and if you make Claire laugh, you also get free coffee!