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Electro-rock overload

by Tom on May 14, 2008 in Uncategorised

Expat Wellingtonian keytar-toting fashionista sexpots Charlie Ash are back in town and playing at Bodega this Saturday.


There’s the usual huge line-up of support acts, including MC Stormtrooper, Trimasterbate and Heat Like Me, who some of you may remember from the recent L.E.D.s gig. They’re a little bit Eighties electro and just a little bit late-Nineties techno (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and they should complement Charlie Ash’s punky lycra-glam just so.

But for those who want their rock with a little less glitter and a whole lot more feedback, Saturday night may be better spent at Happy, where Wellington’s favourite post-prog-drone-noise outfit The Stumps take on Melbourne’s Elise & Jem and Huttite ambient-art-metal superstars Black Boned Angel. If you’re undecided and brimming with stamina you might try making it to both: but good luck trying to find an outfit to suit both gigs.

Tom Beard

On the Venn diagram of life, Tom lives in the vanishingly small intersection between data science, urban design, modular synthesis, writing, gastronomy and meteorology.

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