Well, I know that in the “The Rules” it is commanded that you should never accept a Saturday date after Wednesday, but if you find yourself at an early Saturday evening loose end and you are near the Cuba quarter, may I suggest heading up to Enjoy gallery from 6:00pm onwards. Enjoy is currently holding a workshopping performance series and a little bird told me that there will be delicious tit bits for those willing to participate in some performance art.

The facebook event description sets the scene thusly:

“Anyone who has ever experienced a live piece of performance art is likely to have experienced confused expectations, a sense of embarrassment for the artist and or a desire for something successful to happen. Enjoy’s 2008 performance series addresses these issues for both audience and artist.”

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Of particular interest is the multi-bird roast being perfected by Chris Brady over the month of May. The aim is to achieve a Rôti Sans Pareil.

I hear tonight’s version will involve figs, walnuts and a minimum of three birds boned and stuffed into one another live for your viewing and eating pleasure. Of course the birds will no longer be alive which makes this a distinctly vegetarian-unfriendly event; don’t say you haven’t been warned. I have had the pleasure of eating the results of the experimental phase of the project and to avoid being likened to one of the characters from the classic story of “The Little Red Hen” I did my bit to help document the project by putting some pictures up on flickr.

I see a theme emerging myself, I don’t know if the attraction is the knives, the butcher’s apron or the traditional association between masculinity and carving a roast but there is a strong sense of male bonding or dare I say, “bromance” in the air at these events. As a cultural phenomena I feel that bromance should be celebrated and cultivated, especially if it involves men in the kitchen.

Hopefully you don’t feel the need to play hard to get and will just drop what you are doing and head on up. You can always comfort yourself with the thought that you are following rule number one:

Be a “Creature” unlike any other.