I read a great review of the new album by the Bravery , The Sun and the Moon, where the reviewer claimed that the band were the Stone Temple Pilots to The Killers’ Pearl Jam. How great is that – grunge bands-as-metaphors! And a metaphor that I can certainly relate to (err, not that I’m the Weiland to anyone’s Vedder, but y’know, I appreciate the analogy). And yeah, the Bravery are one of that bunch of Nu-Wave-New-York bands that seem too fashionable to be true, but unlike the Killers et al, they’re actually really good – less fashion magazine, more FASHION (bop bop bop) a la Bowie.
Ok before I get into glam similes and really lose the plot, all I wanted to point out was: The Bravery are playing in Wellington this weekend – Saturday night at San Fran Bathhouse to be exact, with support from local synth-core darlings Heat Like Me. Get your party pants on and check them out, tickets are available from Ticketmaster or on the door from 7:30pm Sat 14th.
A wee heads up for Friday night too – Liam Finn plays Bodega, fresh from a US tour with … Eddie Vedder!