What the hell’s going on down Maginnity Street?!

One by one, we can defeat this thing

Wrecked cars! A massive pile of rubble! Rescue crews moving in! OMG, the big one has finally hit!

And yet Petherick Tower is looking surprisingly undamaged…

All is revealed after the jump.

Why, it’s a movie set.

It’s for a TV3 docudrama called Aftershock, which examines what it might be like when the big one hits the capital. It’s currently in production by the Gibson Group, and is due to screen in October.

Meanwhile, here are some more photos from the Maginnity Street shoot.

The news reporter is an actor doing a piece-to-camera. The boom operator is obviously real film crew, but the cameraman might also be a “cameraman”:

OMG, WTF, reporting live

If it hadn’t been fenced off from the public, I would have run up the pile o’ rubble and been all, “YOU MANIACS!”:

Giant Pile of Rubble Threatens City

And just in case you were worried that this was a little bit too real, this photo shows the neat edge of the rubble pile, as well as metal sheets protecting the road surface:

Neatly contained, danger averted

Come Monday morning, it’ll all be cleaned up and we can blissfully pretend we don’t live on a honking great faultline.