As the killer Wellington wind stalks the Wellingtonista towers by day we’ve been seeking solace in beautiful music, as you do. And since a copy of Cassette’s brand new EP Cancer landed in my cold little hands I’ve been able to listen to very little else – other than the howling wind, natch. As their press release says, “If you like eagles, there’s 3 on the cover”. And if you like Cassette, you can catch them at Bodega next week to launch those very same eagles.


Details after the leap

Cancer started life as a stop-gap single (the 2nd album is nearly done) but turned instead into an enthusiastic recording of five killer songs, most of which I recognise from the smattering of live shows since they’ve relocated back to Wellington from Melbourne (picking up an ex-member and a new bass player along the way), and all of which have been thoughtfully recorded and wrangled into a little ripper of a disc. It has to be said that singer/guitarist/songwriter Tom Watson, with his mangled metaphors and handsome voice, is our answer to Neil Young. In a good way.
Anyway! The band have been honing (and growing) their chops touring with, variously, Bachelorette, Aussie charmer Ned Collette and the Phoenix Foundation; as well as making up parts of the Phoenix F’s Sam Scott’s other band the Bunnies on Ponies. And finally they’re celebrating the EP’s release next Friday July 11th at Bar Bodega and you can pick yourself up a ticket at Slowboat records on Cuba St. Their live show defines enigmatic and I thoroughly recommend them. See you there!