Evening RainbowSure, I’m a nasty little insect that brings doom and pretense, but I like to think I also bring some small rays of sunshine.

At a recent outing to the new Wagamama (along with hundreds of other Wellingtonians I had a wonderful experience. As a quick aside Wagas was just how I remembered it from London (when I was a Anglo-fly-le, ha ha) aside from having more space here to swing a cat in.

But the real story begins when my main was late coming out, however, the floor manager more than made up by:

  1. spotting the fault in the line order in the kitchen and fixing it, and
  2. offering free extras – drinks and more starters to tide us over for the two extra minutes it took for the mains to come out

Hopefully this isn’t just new-restaurant diligence. Well done Wagamana!