Real time bus info in Mt Eden, AucklandI’m a big fan of real-time bus information – electronic signs that use GPS technology to tell you precisely when the next bus is coming, rather than having to rely on the theoretical arrival time of the printed timetable.

These have been up and running in Auckland for a few years now, and when I was living there it made catching a bus just that much easier.

For example, I could avoid sardining myself into a packed bus if I knew there was another one coming along soon. And instead of just waiting at the bus stop, I’d know if I had enough time to grab a coffee or browse in a shop before the bus came, or even walk for a bit to the next stop. And if a bus was running late, I’d know that too.

So it’s exciting to see that the Greater Wellington regional council are in the process of planning a real time bus info system. They have a survey up (running until July 20), wanting to know what sort of information you’d like, how you’d like it delivered, etc. And there’s also the possibility to register interest in being part of a focus group.

Take the survey now plz.