You know that most gig promoters live in Auckland, eh? And that Aucklanders don’t know we exist, right?

As a response to the Aucklocentricism (it’s a word, ok) of the touring scene, a bunch of local promoters have sprung up, banded together and generally defied the odds to bring some amazing internationals to intimate Wellington venues over the last few years. Which means we don’t have to travel to see our favourite band, and taking a punt on an unknown quantity is a lot easier and way less expensive than trekking up the island. Plus the likelihood of having a quiet beer next to the main act after a show is ramped up several notches when it’s at SFBH or Bodega.

Which brings me to I Heart Hiroshima. They came over from Australia in April to support Ratatat in Auckland, but they couldn’t make it down here. Ratatat, however, played to a sold-out crowd at Bodega and knocked our socks off. They told IHH about it, and the band begged indie Wellington promoter Palomino Agency to bring them down to see us. They’re playing at Bodega next week – Friday 18th – so do us all a favour and go see them! Their songs have been all over tv and radio recently, but if you haven’t heard them, and you liked Ratatat – or you like the fab local supports Thought Creature or Little Pictures – take a punt. Tickets are only $20+bf right now from Slowboat on Cuba St so why wouldn’t you?