The magnificent Petone Winter Carnival has been postponed until tomorrow night, which is lucky, since I forgot to mention it is on until today. It really is worth a visit, and great for kids. Unlike the Guy Fawkes display, the fireworks kick off at a very civilised hour, 7.30pm. Prior to that there are heaps of activities along the Esplanade to keep everyone in the family entertained. For those with a perverse desire to feel extremely uncomfortable, there is a polar plunge at 2.30pm, it is for a good cause (Wesley Community Action), so if this floats your boat, get nekkid! Actually, nekkid isn’t really part of the programme, but I’m all for initiating fun.

And while you’re out here, grab a bite to eat. There are masses of excellent establishments, my favourite at the moment is the magnificent Gusto, and if you go, I recommend the steak. Mmmm steak.