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Civic pride

by Tom on July 27, 2008 in Uncategorised

Wellington Civic TrustIt may not be Wellingtonista Awards season just yet, but here’s another chance to put in a plug for your favourite things in the Wellington built environment. The Wellington Civic Trust Awards are coming up, and the trust wants your nominations for the best recent contributions in the following fields:

  • Building
  • Heritage
  • Environmental
  • Public Space
  • Street Art

Nnominations close on the 18th of August, and nominated projects must have been completed since the previous awards in 2005. There’s also a separate voting form for best new sculpture, and if the sculpture that does it for you isn’t on that list, you could always nominate it in the Street Art category.

As well as nominating your favourites, feel free to comment here and share your rants and raves.

Tom Beard

On the Venn diagram of life, Tom lives in the vanishingly small intersection between data science, urban design, modular synthesis, writing, gastronomy and meteorology.

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