For those of us who like public transport but really could give less than a flying fish about a certain S word, here are some tidbits to round out your weekend:

  • Perhaps we won’t always have Paris – a notice of “reentry” has been sighted in its window.
  • The ‘Ho won ‘Best Bar in New Zealand’ for like, the millionth time. Go them!
  • In happy bus news, Go Wellington has finally cottoned on to the fact that many uni students live in Hataitai and Brooklyn, so they’re doing a trial extension of the #5 and #7 routes up to Kelburn. This is also good news for people who work on the Terrace but are too lazy to take a lift up to there from Lambton Quay, but not that great if you’re looking for more information about it on the Metlink site.
  • The Women’s Lifestyle Expo: apparently all women need to lose weight, have bad credit and like to eat chocolate. Well duh, say the Pretty Pretty Pretty girls, who happen to have an awesome Skinfood prize pack to give away that this Fly is coveting.
  • An ad on Radio Active promises two cocktails and some tapas for $15 on Wednesdays at Vintage Bar, but their out-of-date website can’t confirm this.
  • In other gossip, apparently the crowds of Bridge and Tunnelers who want to go to Temperance Bar are causing some hassles for other venues on the street, with masses queuing outside. There was mention that police in riot gear have been called in, but our source, while generally very reliable, was almost as drunk as this Fly, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Looking for a central city location for cottaging? The Council is looking to redevelop Coblestone Park on Vivian Street.
  • If you love his penis, you should have been with Joel Cosgrove in the Aro Valley yesterday for a Wellington Central Candidates’ Forum.Stephen Franks was there after all: “Jousting with the Aro Valley left has its charms but they are not intellectual. Too much righteous faith and too few with an objective interest in knowledge to offer sustained challenge”. A sustained challenge like, oh I don’t know, winning the Wellington electorate back from the Left? Not going to happen, Frankly.