On Friday night, Fur Patrol played at Bar Bodega. They announced their last song, played it with aplomb, and left the stage. Now, everyone knows that the last song isn’t really the last song because the band comes back for an encore or two – well, everyone know that, that is, except for the DJ, who started playing MGMT again, even as curious heads emerged from around the corner of backstage going “What? Can you turn that off please?” to no avail. The crowd were confused – DJ music always means the end of a gig – and shuffled off, so by the time the DJ got the message that they’d fucked up, Fur Patrol would have played to an empty room.

So, because someone didn’t know the rules of the encore, we missed out on Fur Patrol’s first airing of ‘Dominoes’ in like, eight years. You suck, DJ.
Photo by Rat Pony