Some of us have missed out on Peaches tickets AND found ourselves too skint for Bill Bailey at the St James tonight.

Le Sigh.

Le Big Sigh.

Fortunately solace can be found at Mighty Mighty tonight in the arms of some sweet, sweet electro. NZ based producers, DJs and live performance will be on hand to pound away that pain. The main act is billed as CureMotel but in this girl’s completely biased opinion Stress Cadet alone will be worth the five bucks on the door. Having seen their work as part of Auckland based bands Soft Shoe and the legendary Meatbix (taking a break, maybe they are all shagged out?), Josh Lynne and Damian Golfinopoulos are sure gonna bring the puntastic with plenty of visual and aural frights and delights.

Short Circuit: CureMotel and Stress Cadet
Venue: Mighty Mighty
Doors open: 9:30pm
Cost: $5

PS. There’s a rumour that Brian Jonestown Massacre will show up at the M^M later on, after-party styles. You didn’t hear it from me. Also, at the risk of sounding all gross and objectifying, they are apparently very very very attractive young men… but you DEFINITELY didn’t hear that from me!