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by Joanna on September 20, 2008 in Uncategorised

  • If you’re in town before 6pm today, sneak into the Software Freedom Day at the Michael Fowler Centre for a free Havana coffee. Don’t tell them that I sent you though.
  • The previously mentioned Kayu Manis (you’re a manus!) – the Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant on Cuba Street is now BYO, which makes its $18 mains much more palatable. Also, the food is super fresh tasting, and the atmosphere is much nicer than your standard Malaysian joint, so we suggest that you check it out.
  • The frequently apostrophe-catastrophic Electric Avenue now sports a banner advertising its music quiz on Thursday nights as being the only music quiz in town. Apparently Abel Smith Street, home to the music quiz on Thursday nights at the Cross is a suburb.
  • Radio Active 89FM’s Handle the Jandal, the nationwide DIY music video competiton, is back for 2008 and is calling for entries for this year’s competition, to be held November 27 at Wellington’s St James Theatre. Go to Radio Active’s site for more information.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Bowling League.

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