bowlingtonistaSo much love to everyone who showed up last night (and especially to X who bowled for the Bowlingtonista as we were a member down).

The Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury from Clicksuite (bid on their auctions!) ended up beating the Bowlingtonista by just a couple of points at 462 vs. 281, and the Purple Cobras took the Mighty Boost 402 vs. 338. The league point for top score obviously went to the Ferals, and although the Purple Cobras had sashes, in the end the Ferals won best dressed too, for their ties and one player’s gold satin shirt. Xero were on their by-week, and as I hadn’t decided until now that you can get a league point in your by-week by some member of your team showing up to hang out with the other bowlers, they’re currently at the bottom of the league, but I’m sure they’ll pick up next week when the extra league bonus point will be for the single fastest bowl on the night.

So this is how things stand at the moment, pointwise:
Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury: 8
The Mighty Boost:2
Purple Cobras:6
Xero: 0

After the jump, there’s a new table of games, since Xero have joined, including by-weeks, in which you’re encouraged to experiment with your sexuality, or come along to cheer for the other teams.
Round one (September 25):

  • Bowlingtonista vs. Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury
  • The Mighty Boost vs. The Purple Cobras
  • Xero: By Week

Round two (October 2):

  • Xero vs. The Mighty Boost
  • Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury vs. The Purple Cobras
  • Bowlingtonista: By Week

Round three (October 9):

  • Xero vs The Purple Cobras
  • The Mighty Boost vs. Bowlingtonistay
  • Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury: By-Week

Round four (October 16)

  • Bowlingtonista vs: Purple Cobras
  • Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury vs Xero
  • Mighty Boost: By-Week

Round five (October 23)

  • Bowlingtonista vs Xero
  • Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury vs Mighty Boost
  • Purple Cobras: By-Week