I wasn’t drinking last week at the bowling, so consequently, I forgot to pick up the score sheets. Ridiculous, I know.

But I can tell you that while a Dom Post photographer snapped merrily away, the Mighty Boost beat the Bowlingtonista AND got the slowest bowl, that the Purple Cobras beat Xero, and that Ferals showed up just to drink and cheer us on, so they got a league point. That means the scores stand as:

Bowlingtonista: 4
Furry Ferals: 16
Mighty Boost: 15
Purple Cobras: 15
Xero: 4

Things are looking as tight as the holes in a number 8 ball right now, so tonight will no doubt be full of excitement and sabotage. But, if you’ll just let me put on my teacher’s hat for a minute here, I was made aware of some rather unsportsmanlike criticism last week, and that is not cool. By all means, talk yourself up, and put down teams as a whole, but repeated calling out an individual player’s technique, especially when you don’t actually know them is for chumps. And there aren’t any chumps in our league, right?