So tonight we’re going to party like it’s 2008 at The Annual Wellingtonista Awards (come along from 6pm, presentations kick off around 7.30), but before we have too many of the Wellingtonista Cocktails that Mighty Mighty have designed for us, we want to take a minute or two to give much respect to the delightful lovely people who’re helping us to make such a great event with their donations of swag and spot prizes. In alphabetical order, mad props go out to:

Adidas New Zealand: You know who else is from Wellington? The Hurricanes. And we know that because Adidas have given us a brand new 2009 Wellington Hurricanes Super 14 jersey with the new embossed print to give away to one lucky ticket holder.

Aimée McLeod: Aimee is a local potter who has made our fabulous trophy tiles that the winners will be receiving tonight. Her works are for sale in a whole bunch of places, she’s been exceeding generous and supportive with her time and materials, and just quietly, she’s also a pretty choice mum too.

The Back Bencher: The Back Bencher Pub is somewhat of a famous destination eatery across the road from the Beehive with its political-inspired puppetry, menu and broadcast show and the service isn’t half bad either. We’re happy to be giving away three vouchers so you too can dine there, but we must warn you – talk to your companion quietly if you’re a public servant, because the enemy is sure to be all around you.

Downstage Theatre: Downstage is New Zealand’s longest-running professional theatre, and thanks to their generousity, tonight’s award winners will be able to take some time to relax and check out a show to celebrate their sweet sweet victories.

Epic Beer: All the awarding and partying we’re going to be doing tonight raises a serious thirst, and the best way to cure an epic thirst is with an Epic Beer, as half the swag bags will demonstrate. We salute Luke and his continued support of all things webby.

The Film Archive: More than just a really sexy-looking cafe, the Film Archive is actually a treasuretrove of national treasures. It has has three principal functions—to collect, protect and project New Zealand’s moving image heritage, and with double passes in each swag bag, you’ll get to check out that heritage for free.

Good Magazine: Okay, it’s a bit obvious to say this, but Good, New Zealand’s guide to sustainable living, is actually a bloody good read. The articles are thick and engrossing, rather than reprinted PR fluff, and the themes are inspiring. We’re really glad to be giving away back issues with a Rhys Darby cover because of the obvious connection to last year’s Wellingtonians of the Year, and we’re also really happy we’ve got a year’s subscription to give away as well.

Linden Leaves: The pretty ones amongst us are all about gorgeous-smelling beauty products, so we’re totally stoked that we’ve got a gift pack worth $115 to give away as a spot prize. Did you see that they offer free shipping within NZ? Smells a lot like Xmas to me!

NZonScreen: As you’ve already read, NZonScreen is a website which celebrates and showcases television and film produced in New Zealand, and it’s stacked with resources relating to Wellington. The only worry with the site is that you’ll lose yourself exploring all its videos, which is why for half the swag bags they’ve given us really awesome tea towels, so that you’re reminded to get on with your chores, and kickass badges of NZ’s television icons.

Pretty Pretty Pretty: Run by a Wellingtonista and a Partner&Girlfriend, Pretty Pretty Pretty continues to emphasize that you can have nice beauty products without subjecting yourself to the mental torture of ‘beauty’ magazines. Their Gosh You Scrub Up Nicely Coconut Ice sugar scrub is a divine thing to use in the shower, as you’ll find out for yourself if you show up in time to get a swag bag.

SuperVery: Did someone say octokitty necklaces? Mr & Mrs Skull bracelets? Craft 2.0? Miss Sue of SuperVery is pretty much Wellington craft personified, and we’re very excited to be giving away some of her fantastic creations tonight.

Webstock: Everyone knows that Webstock is pretty much the greatest conference ever (so much so that they’re up for a couple of awards), and that their sexyass satchels are highly prized amongst the web community. We’ve got FOUR of them to give away tonight, and for that we must give them much love. Especially since we won their quiz and all…