We admit it: we’ve been slack. Normal blogging service will gradually resume as we re-emerge from the rum-induced inebriation heat-induced torpor of summer, but things are taking a while to crank up again.

Some of us have been out of town on summer holidays, enjoying all the clichés of the Great Kiwi SummerTM: beaches, jandals, boats, sunburn and ill-advised sexual liaisons. But some of us have stayed put, and frankly, why not? Even if (like many Wellingtonians) you don’t have a car, with a Snapper card and Shanks’ pony it’s not too hard to get to a whole range of beaches. Here’s a little Flickr photoset of the Wellington coast this summer, showing people doing all those sorts of things that we’re supposed to have to leave town for. Erm, except the sex (and we wouldn’t be surprised if that was just around the corner, too).