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Hollywood That Was

by Anna on March 11, 2009 in Uncategorised

happy manThis very happy looking young man is New Zealander Ron Tonkins (pictured with Margaret Chapman) who travelled to Hollywood in 1946 and worked as a publicity photographer.

Interesting thing is, during his time in Hollywood he shot reels and reels of Super 8 film footage like any usual tourist. Completely Bizarre thing is, he had unlimited access to the stars of the day and the major Hollywood lots (including Hopalong Cassidy). All without a security guard in sight.

Come and watch this "backstage" look at Hollywood, shot by a plucky Kiwi and narrated with his own recollections, "Here’s Marlene Dietrich and she’s asking me, ‘What’s New Zealand like Ron?’ ??!?!

I kid you not, this rare record of Kiwi ingenuity must be seen to be believed.

Screening Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March, 7pm. FREE ADMISSSION at the Film Archive. 

Anna Dean

Anna Dean, aka The 'Mouth from the South,' has been causing a ruckus, throwing great parties and getting the word out for various projects these past five years in Wellington. She rarely posts. Don't hold your breath.

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