High Tea at Martha's PantrySo winter kinda sucks, and the economy sucks, and the government sucks, and everything pretty much sucks. Except oh wait, do you know what doesn’t suck? Tea and cakes and good company! So as the first of a series of posts of Cheering Upness, we’d like to recommend that you book yourself and an adored friend in for High Tea at Martha’s Pantry, a lovely little place at the top of Cuba Street that has oldschool tea cups and all kinds of girlie pretty stuff on display. You’ll need to give them 24 hours notice, but for $20 each, this is an aproximation of what you’ll get:

  • Club sandwiches (I think the standards are pastrami and egg, but when I asked for no egg they were happy to substitute, so I’m sure vegos can be catered for with ease)
  • Cheese savouries
  • Spinach muffins
  • Baby scones with two types of jam and cream
  • Almond slice
  • Chocolate caramel slice
  • Baby cupcakes

You also get to choose your tea from a range of like 20 varieties. I can recommend the Earl Grey, the South African Honey Chai, and Vanilla Roobios, but the mint and lemon kawa kawa weren’t as awesome as I had hoped they would be. While you eat and drink, we suggest that you discuss ways to save the world, and also just relax and enjoy yourselves. Lovely.