As Wellingtonians, we love dub, right? [citation needed] Sometimes to a fault, even? [citation needed] Anyone else remember that famous review a few years back in Pavement magazine of some local outfit that read:

More effing trumpet-dub from Wellington

Anyway if its to your taste, there’s some serious dub trickery coming down in the next couple of weeks…

[the details after the jump]

On Thursday this week reknowned dubstep artist Kode9 is performing at The Garden ClubKode9 runs the Hyperdub label, home of much-lauded act Burial, and is also himself the producer of some seriously fine sounds – his 2006 album Memories of the Future (feat. the Spaceape on vocals) would probably be my pick for album of the decade.


The man’s got a Ph.D in philosophy, which is to say that his beats are…seriously considered.

10 pm start for Kode9, this Thursday July 2nd.

On a very different and unusual dubwise tip, musical iconoclast Karlheinz Stockhausen‘s work MANTRA (for two pianists and live electronics) is being performed on 19 July, 6 pm at the Council Chamber in the Hunter Building, Victoria University. 

Xenia Pestova and Pascal Meyer on pianos comprise the Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo (formed in Amsterdam in 2003) who will be accompanied by Philip Brownlee on "sound projection".

MANTRA is an exciting and highly virtuosic work that calls for an unconventional approach to piano playing. The pianists are required to play antique cymbals and woodblocks, as well as use their voices. The signals are processed electronically in real-time to create two "super-instruments" with scintillating and beautiful sonorities that approach the exotic sound worlds of the prepared piano of John Cage, high-energy electric guitar distortion, and mysterious Morse-code radio signals.

Real-time live audio signal processing and manipulation?  Mixology?  I feel a Mad Professor collaboration coming on.