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In this harsh economic climate, we’re still mighty hungry. We want to feed! And these are the places that will fill us up, without making us sell our kidneys in order to be able to afford the bill…

Image by petra janeSatay Kingdom: Do we need to say any more about this consistent Wellingtonista favourite? The Kingdom just keeps on turning out hot hot laksa and roti to the hungry, the destitute and the discerning.

Ban Mai Thai: Vivian Street might not immediately spring to mind when you’re thinking of places to eat, but Ban Mai Thai is definitely worth your while. Their menu is really long, covering all the things you’d expect at a Thai restaurant, but also featuring Issan cooking. They serve sticky rice in baskets, and the food tastes super fresh with different dishes actually tasting quite different from each other – something not all Thai restaurants in Wellington can claim! They’re also BYO, which is a huge advantage if you’re someone who believes that a meal isn’t really a meal without wine.

Longxiang: We’re the first to admit that often we have very Western tastes when it comes to Chinese food, and so Longxiang on Dixon Street hits the spot very nicely for that. Their orange beef is particularly amazing, as is the shredded duck with vegetables and the Singapore-style vermicelli is also highly recommended. Yvonne is a lovely host, and loves her regulars. Plus she doesn’t judge us when we order far more food than we really should.

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen: The Onion had one of their famous headline-only stories a few years back that read "Po’Boy $12” . And it’s true that this happens more often than not, but at Sweet Mother’s you can get a barbecue chicken po’boy for $10. And if your budget is a little larger, you can add some of those famous curly fries to that order.

Viva Mexico: Those in the know say that this unassuming diner tucked down the back of Left Bank serves the most authentic Mexican food in town. Even if you’re not an expert, you can’t deny the appeal of divorced eggs, cheesy enchiladas and that magical tequila-based sauce.