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Ah consumerism, we worship at your temple and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. These are the places in town that we happily spend our hard-earned dollars in.

Eyeball Kicks: Eyeball Kicks has evolved over the years. Starting as a haven for rockabilly clothes and art, now Calvin and Monique have moved further from the clothes and more into the art – including a framing service – with art from some of the world’s best pop artists and supporting numerous local artists. And, of course, it’s the best place to go to add to your tiki bar.

Graphic: As much as we might not admit it, Wellington is a town full of geeks. Geeks that make art, movies, websites, books, music and who read an awful lot of comics. There’s a huge range of stuff (divided by publisher to keep the Marvelites away from the DCvotees) and the guys who work behind the counter are friendly and helpful, but with just enough sneer and contempt for what you’re asking about to cap off a perfect comicbook shop experience.  

David N White Gallery: It’s worth wandering around the corner from Cuba Street to Abel Smith Street’s very own Aladdin’s cave. But do it quickly, before the accumulated piles of second-hand craziness that already cram the labyrinthine aisles finally collapse in on themselves. From tiki gods to erotic fiction, swords to forgotten LPs, ‘eighties fashion to outlandish artworks, there’s no telling what your next expedition might uncover.

Artikel: The artikel girls continue to create one of the most entertaining, visually stunning, dance-inducing, present-shopping, jewellery-ogling retail destinations around. That corner of Wakefield Street is so much the better for its existence. This year they’ve expanded into one of the best contemporary fashion pick-up spots in town. We don’t know how they do, but, goddamn, it’s styley.  

Slow Boat Records: Whether it’s vinyl or CDs that you’re after, this Cuba Street icon will provide. Proudly independent, Slow Boat‘s range and service continues to serve as a reason to buy music that you can hold in your hands.