Hello dear readers of the Wellingtonista!  This is just a quick note to say hello to you all, as I have recently been enveloped into the fold (?) and will now be informing you all of upcoming events I think are worth your time via this here blog.

A little about me – I work for The San Francisco Bath House, and also promote other shows across this fair city (i.e. at other bars). Usually I have a good deal of insider info regarding ticket sales, support bands, rumors of upcoming acts and gossip in the form of unusual rider requests and stories of bad behaviour and debauchery that inevitably go down when people + music + liquor come together. All to share with you!

There are a couple of gigs needing special mention coming up, but I will post on those separately soon…

Nice to ‘meet’ you all, and thanks to the Wellingtonista team for the warm welcome.