People say, sometimes with even a hint of concern in their voices, that we at the Wellingtonista are overly concerned with drinking.

And it’s true. We are very concerned. In fact we’re writing now to warn you about an upcoming event that may well involve some drinking. What’s worse, it’s the the sort of thing attended by the Boys Your Mother Warned You About and the Girls Your Father Snuck Looks At When He Thought Your Mother Wouldn’t See.

PhotobucketWe refer of course to the notorious 12 Pubs of Christmas coming up this Saturday the 19th of December.

This event has been running for a number of years now, and has even spread overseas. Or… was it spread here from overseas? Opinions differ.

We do know that it’s run by a shadowy figure known only as "Santa", who appears to be contactible through the event’s "web site".

The only positive thing we can safely state about this event is that it has rules, and therefore it’s not a total free-for all. So at least there’s no beardy anarcho-wafflers attached. Apart from Santa, that is—after all, it’s a pretty suspiciously commie thing to just go handing out stuff to kids, right?

Either way, we’d recommend keeping out of the CBD between the hours of 2pm and 7:30pm this Saturday, particularly along the route shown here. Although the traffic congestion resulting is likely to be less than Monday’s film premiere, the moral corruption resulting is certain to be injurious to your public standing, and indeed, your ability to stand.

You have been warned.