Annoyingly, Osteria Del Toro doesn’t appear to have a website. However, what they do have is an awesome alternative to yum cha on Sundays (and I think it’s only Sunday afternoons) called La Famigia.

For $29, you can experience their menu highlights "family-style". What this means is that you can help yourself to the lush antipasto table, piled high with salads, olives, salami and amazing foccacia, and then the very nice staff will start bringing food to your table, and they won’t stop until you ask them to. You get pizzas from their woodfired oven, paella, pasta and roast chicken with crispy skin. It really is a carb-lover’s paradise.

One kind of pasta has meatballs, and the other is pesto, and we got both vegetarian and meaty pizza. The paella had both chorizo and seafood in it, so it might not be the most cost-effective & welcoming option for vegetarians (and vegans – forget about it!). We were all people who love us some gluten, so we didn’t ask if it was possible to get their gluten-free pizza bases instead, so I can’t advise you about that. I can, however, assure you that their white wine sangria made with apricot brandy and ginger beer is a perfect accompaniment (their PDF menu says it features a "Make your own Bloody Mary bar" but I didn’t see that!), and that you probably DON’T need to order churros afterwards, but perhaps you will anyway!