AC/DC – the greatest band on the planet – are playing in Wellington tonight and Saturday on the Black Ice tour, and the city has been overrun by bogans, glorious bogans.

Stuff reports on the invasion, including a quote from one fan who reckons, "I’d say every bogan from around the country will be there."

Meanwhile, the arrival of our black-T-shirted brethren has not gone unnoticed on Twitter:

@CUSTOMSBREWBAR ghuznee street is crawling with old bogans… so many black jeans and metal tshirts! "Throw your goats up"

@meganhuddleston There are a ridiculous number of bogans in town. THUNDER!

@bnolan Lol at all the bogans outside. It’s awesome how you can just tell they’re going to ACDC. Super nice people so far too! Rock on! #acdc #wlg

@Narelle_NZ Saw at least 15 bogans and 2 mini-bogans on the way to get lunch #acdc #wellington

@bradgallen Today wellington = So. Many. Bogans…

@missannajane The black holey jumpers and ACDC t-shirts are out en force on the streets of Wellington. Apparently, bogans drink Starbucks.

We welcome any comments or observations of the bogan invasion. Man, Wellington is gonna go off this weekend!