Holy crap, next week is going to be insane. It’s WEBSTOCK WEEK, baby! Expect a proliferation of smart sexy people with smart sexy satchels to be taking over your favourite bars (especially the ones we recommended to them) and discussing mindblowingly awesome concepts. You’re going, right?

And because we don’t want you to get injured from having your mind (and liver) blown without stretching first, we here at the Wellingtonista are super pleased to be hosting an Official Wellingtonista Unofficial Webstock Warm-up on Wednesday 17th at Hashigo Zake from 5pm. Expect lovely people, great prices on some beers thanks to Dominic and perhaps some other special treats. Feel free to come along even if you’re not going to Webstock, although we may point and laugh at you.

If you can’t afford to go to the whole conference, there are still a couple of tickets left to the ONYAs party, which we are assured will be amazing even if we’re not up for any awards.

Or, if none of this floats your boat, you should go to the RASSLIN!