Craft2.0 kicks off 2010 with a fourth birthday bash this Saturday (March 6th) from 11am to 3pm at TheNewDowse in Lower Hutt.

Over 4 years Craft2.0 has become synonymous with high quality, diverse products proudly claiming ‘New Zealand Made’ or even better, ‘Wellington made’. March sees the biggest fair yet with 70 crafters, many selling for the first time. You may discover that your neighbour moonlights as an artist, a colleague is a closet knitter and the kid next door’s Dad is rather resourceful in the design department.

Many of the crafters use recycled/vintage materials, like cast-off aluminium tabs, e-waste, old board games, cutlery and other quirky objects that often end up at the rubbish dump – it’s all about being resourceful.

Plus there is a free making table for a kids, and if you are a Friend of Craft2.0 you get a free gift on arrival and the ability to start shopping at 10.15 before the crowds arrive at 11.

and if you’ve a hankering for all things handmade, don’t forget The Inaugural 2010 JAM OFF tomorrow at 11.30 at mojo old bank.