You know when you tag on with a Snapper and the voice goes "PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO TAG OFF"? Well, duh.

Or when you tag on with less than $12 on your card – gasp! – and the voice goes "CARD VALUE LOW" in a tone that sounds really concerned for your financial wellbeing, like it wants to add "This has been happening for a while now. Oughtn’t you get some budgeting advice?"

Well, Snapper have realised that these voice alerts are kind of annoying and/or unnecessary; and that we as public transport users have learned how the magical fish box works, so they’re updating the Snapper sounds.

Here’s a handy table of the changes:

That’s right – the Snapper boxes will now go beedoo beedoo beedoobie diddly doo.

And not only that, it’s also going to be a lot quicker to tag on. No waiting for the previous passenger’s tag-on message to play before you can tag on.

Go Wellington buses will be updated with the new beeps and sounds from this Friday evening, 9 April.

And there’s a comprehensive post about the changes over at the Snapper blog.