Last year the Miss Universe New Zealand pageant was held in Levin. Which makes sense, because Levin is actually pretty much the centre of the universe, based on the laws of gravity and denseness and all that kind of sciencey stuff. And this kind of shocking behaviour happened at the event: 

The beauty queens sashayed their way through Levin and Paraparaumu shopping malls last year, leaving elderly shoppers agog.

But this year, the pageant is moving to Wellington

Event organiser Val Lott has instead opted to hold the final in Wellington after a "gorgeous" day out at the Wellington Cup. "The [Levin] event centre was not set up well enough. The catering was not up to standard. It cost a dreadful amount of money," Mrs Lott said.

But one commentator on the article suggests that there is a much deeper conspiracy going on:

I think this is all complete rubbish, and the organiser just wants to glam the thing up and get rid of the ruggeds that might otherwise have attended.

So what exactly is going on here? Are we through the looking glass? Do we even need to mention Terry Serepisos here, given that it’s Donald Trump who owns the Miss Universe franchise? 

Answer the poll – The Miss Universe Pageant is moving to Wellington because: