Legendary (and non-mythical) NZ guitarist brings his Eastern influenced Blue Cheer-Hendrix-Atomic Rooster meets Sonic Youth skwall to Wellignton at Happy on Saturday 8th May.

[video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OOG-As652k]

We can’t pinpoint when Doug was last in Wellington, but he was there in August 1965 when The Pretty Things swung through town, playing in Mike Perjanik’s group*.  Doug left for the UK in 1968 searching for more open minds. The next year he recorded an albums worth of Hendrix influenced material under the name Jesse Harper. Acetates and tapes filtered back to NZ and the Human Instinct appropriated the best songs for their first two albums. Giving away music in 1971, Doug moved to India where he stayed for 35+ years.

Currently based in NZ – Doug Jerebine will be bringing his searing musical message to Dunedin, and taking no prisoners. This will be a unique performance. Accompanying Doug will be Miles Gillett (drums), son of Bob Gillett – Doug’s musical inspiration and fellow member of Dougs late 60s group The Brew, and Chris Orange on bass. Opening the show will be the EXCELLENT MANTARAYS!

For more info on Doug, check out Keith Newmans excellent Doug Jerebine story.

Doors at 8pm – DOUG ON STAGE AT 10pm


* Google him – fascinating career – and you probably know one of his most famous compostions if you watch Australian soaps!